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Upcoming Events

  • WhatWhen
  • Kata Course, Bancroft School21st Feb, 1.30-4.30
  • Steve Reynolds, Dojo8th Mar, 2-5
  • Kata Course, St Giles Hall21st Mar, 1-3.30
  • Kata Course, Bancroft School25th Apr, 1.30-4.30
  • Grading, Dojo26th Apr
  • Ogwen Bank, Wales3rd-7th May
  • Kata Course, St Giles Hall23rd May, 1-3.30
  • Glen Lobo, Dojo5th Jul, 2-5.30
  • Kata Course, St Giles Hall18th Jul, 1-3.30
  • Kata Course, Bancroft School15th Aug, 1.30-4.30
  • John's BBQ30th Aug, 5.00->
  • Kata Course, St Giles Hall19th Sep, 1-3.30
  • Jo Biggs, Dojo18th Oct
  • Sensei Peter Spanton, Dojo1st Nov, 2-5
  • Kata Course, St Giles Hall21st Nov, 1-3.30
  • Sifu Rob Simpson, Dojo6th Dec, 1.30-5.30
  • Last lesson of 20158th Dec
  • Grading13th Dec
  • Junior X-Mas Party13th Dec
  • Kata Course, Bancroft School19th Dec, 1.30-4.30
  • Senior X-Mas Party, Jimmy’s World Grill19th Dec
  • 1st lesson of 201612th Jan

Welcome to Luton Higashi Karate Kai

Based in Luton, we have been established for 20 years and the standards set at the club are of the highest level. Luton Higashi is ranked among the top clubs in the UK and Sensei John Hurley is the highest graded Higashi instructor in Herts, Beds and Bucks.

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