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Luton Higashi Services

Get My Black BeltThe team at Get My Black Belt has almost 100 years of combined martial arts and self defence experience. Our mission is to distil all this knowledge into a 6 hour Martial Arts Course to teach you everything a Black Belt knows in a single DVD set.

Get My Black Belt has also produced Amazon’s best selling self-defence DVD “140 Combat Moves” and its hugely popular follow up “140 Advanced Combat Moves”.




Power DragonsPower Dragons is a specially designed Martial Arts course aimed at primary school level boys and girls. The students will learn important self defense skills and also the life skills that are imparted as part of their training.

Schools already provide extra tuition to students with reading problems. Schools can now provide Power Dragons to students who require emotional support and social development through Martial Arts.



Parent Website

Higashi KarateUK Higashi Website, Peter Spanton 8th Dan

Governing Bodies & Friends

European Karate Federation
World Karate Confederation
World Karate Federation

Other Higashi Clubs’ Websites

Higashi Karate FriendsWhitley Higashi, Steve Bell 6th Dan
Swindon Higashi, Pete Whitney 7th Dan
Staffs Higashi, Alex Bell 3rd Dan
Maldon Higashi, Steve Gibbs 5th Dan
West Wales Wadokan, Barbara Mumberson 6th Dan
Buckhurst Hill Higashi, Peter Spanton 8th Dan
Cranham Higashi, Dick Donnithorne 5th Dan
Elkai Higashi, Michael Harris 4th Dan
Stratton Higashi, Phillip Woodfield, 4th Dan


For more clubs in your area, please see the UK Higashi Website

Affiliated Clubs

Sacred Spring  Ju Jutsu, Bedford, Jo Biggs 7th Dan