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The Instructors at Luton Higashi Karate Kai (HKK) are well aware of the growth of Social Media platforms and the uses they have, but also of the potential damage that can be caused through misconstrued comments, inappropriate photos and other forms of communication.


Due to this, the points below currently outline the Social Media Policy for Luton HKK


  • The web-site is the property of Luton HKK with any and all content is controlled by the instructors and appointed officers of the club.
  • Any and all content on the website is approved by the instructors before being posted.
  • Any and all photos of persons under 16 are approved by their respective parents before being submitted to the website and Facebook page.
  • The facebook page for Luton HKK is controlled by Sensei John Hurley, Sensei Alex Buxton and Sensei Jeff Archer.
  • All students are encouraged to join the facebook page to keep up with club news and events.
  • Any inappropriate posts found on this page will be deleted and the posting member deleted from the group.
  • If the posts are deemed disturbing, racist or overly offensive, Luton HKK reserves the right to report said member to the police for further action.
  • The club has members ranging in age from 6 – 60 and expects its members to think before responding to friend requests, messages and other forms of communication through social media, as to whether it is appropriate or not.
  • Junior members consist of anyone under the age of 16 and any dealings with the student outside the club should be done via their parents/guardian where appropriate.
  • It is not appropriate for a senior grade/member to be friends on social media with a junior grade/member unless they are part of the junior grade’s family.
  • Luton HKK does not have a Twitter account and if any member is contacted on Twitter from person/s claiming to be from Luton HKK they need to report it to the instructors.


The above is Luton Higashi Karate Kai’s current policy and can be amended at any time by the officers of the club as and when the need arises.