Higashi Wado Ryu karate will increase your speed and reflexes, improve your strength, muscle tone and posture and also increase your flexibility. It will help you to defend yourself effectively and increase your self confidence. Beginners are always welcome and can start at any time. The lessons are tailored to meet all fitness and age levels meaning this is the perfect club for you to either start martial arts in or to try a new style! Please feel free to come along to the lesson just to watch if you like.

Higashi karate helps you to increase all-over muscle tone, lose weight, increase flexibility and overall fitness and learn a valuable art in self defence. The club has a friendly atmosphere and beginners of all ages and fitness levels are always welcome. So why not give us a call today?

Sensei John Hurley

John Hurley, 5th Dan

Chief Instructor
Discipline Officer
07773 767113

Alex Buxton, 3rd Dan

Web Developer
077931 697796