Jeff Archer, 1st Dan

JEff Archer , 1st Dan

Jeff started his martial art career in 1987 training in Judo where he achieved a green belt and came second in the England championships in 1989. He spent 4 years training in Judo and gained a good understanding of ground fighting.

He trained in Win Chun Kung Fung for a brief period in the mid 90’s before a chance meeting in 1999 with Sensei John Hurley led hin to start training in early 2000 in Wadu Ryu. After only a few months training he had found that Wado Ryu was an all encompassing style that encouraged people from different martial arts back-grounds to attend. Jeff found that the style of Wado Ryu, suited him and his previous martial arts experience and has never looked back.

Jeff has won several trophies in the Higashi championships over the years, for both kumite (fighting) and kata, and was awarded his 1st Dan in 2007.

He has had the good fortune to attend numerous courses under Sensei Peter Spanton both before and after his Black Belt grading and is currently preparing for his 2nd Dan.