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April 24, 2016

For the attention of all those who will be grading on 24th April 2016 Things you will need to bring to the grading:-
• Your licence (must be current)
• The grading fee of £25
• Your Gi & current belt
• Please ensure that you get to the dojo with ample time to warm up.

Please let me know in advance if you require a copy of the DVD of your grading, this is the usual price of £10.00. Payable in advance.

Important - you should note that if you fail to bring your licence you will not be permitted to grade.

Ungraded going for Red and Red going for Yellow: 1-2.15pm
All others: 2.30-4.45pm

Once the grading has been completed and the results compiled the grading presentations will be done at 4pm please ensure you are at the dojo for this and that you are in a Gi so we can get the pictures done for the website. Any questions please ask one of the instruction team.

Please Note
All club events including seminars, grading's, competitions and parties are likely to be photographed and these pictures may be displayed on the clubs website and Facebook page. If you have any concerns regarding this please speak to a member of the instructing team

St Margaret's Parish Centre
St Margaret's Parish Centre
Lucas Gardens
Luton, LU3 4BG

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