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Live Well Luton Health Check

August 2, 2016

Live Well Luton will be visiting the Luton Dojo to carry out free health checks on members who are over 40 years old.

Live Well Luton are a Healthy Lifestyle organisation, commissioned by Luton Borough Council to provide free health services in Luton. We have Adult & Child Weight Management programmes, a Stop Smoking Service and we also create Personal Health Plans for individual’s looking to increase their activity. We also deliver Health Checks in the community and in the workplace. All of our services are free of charge.

The NHS Health Check programme is a Public Health initiative for people aged 40-74 which aims to keep people healthier for longer. It is a risk assessment and management programme to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, heart and kidney disease and stroke.

The Health Check takes 20-25 mins. We take a small blood sample for a non-fasting Glucose and Cholesterol test. We take Blood Pressure, Pulse, Height and Weight measurements. We ask brief family history and lifestyle questions, all the results are given during the consultation along with a 10 year risk score of heart disease.

The criteria interested parties would need to meet to be eligible for the Health Check is as follows;


* adults aged between 40 - 74yrs

* that have not had an NHS Health Check in the past 5 years

* have not had a previous heart attack, stroke or kidney disease

* have not been diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes

* are not prescribed statins for lowering cholesterol

St Margaret's Parish Centre
St Margaret's Parish Centre
Lucas Gardens
Luton, LU3 4BG

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