Luton Higashi Team

Competition | Shinseikyu Karate Academy – Invitational, Harlow

This was a great competition it was very friendly and the competitors were buzzing with excitement.

Everyone who competed from our club made the dojo very proud, there were some lovely reverse punches thrown, which scored a majority of our points. It was quite comical as one of the coaches even started to steal sensei Hurley’s coaching advice to “let them come to you”, when they were ahead in points.

Up first, we had Caelan, in his first round he scored 6-0, in his second round he scored 3-0 and in the final round he won 2-0, safe to say he was happy with his trophy coming 1st place.

Next on the mats was Tiberius, in his first round he won 4-2, in his second round he won 8-0 but unfortunately, he lost his last round by 3 points, coming third place and receiving a bronze medal. Tiberius also entered kata for which he received a silver medal for a great performance.

This was Sean second competition and he won his first round 3-0, but unfortunately lost his second round by just one point, but managed to secure a bronze medal. Good effort.

It was Long Chu’s first time stepping onto the mats and fighting in Karate competition and won his first round 2-0. The next two fights were a draw leaving it to the judge’s decision, after deliberation they chose Long as he was the more active competitor during the fights and he won 1st place in his category, receiving a trophy, well done.

Nathan lost his fight 6-7, he did extremely well. Considering he fought someone who clearly had more experience than him and who inevitably went on to win the category. Not to mention Nathan was the only one to score against him during all his fights, fantastic effort Nathan!!

Up next were the more mature fighters in the dojo (the golden oldies as Sensei Smith like to refer to them as!!) Deji and Sensei John. Deji only had one other person in his category, he was competing for either a 1st / 2nd Placing and was victorious, receiving a first-place trophy, awesome effort Deji.

John was also victorious, coming first place in his category and receiving a gold, having 3 fights, 2 of which were back-to-back and despite growing tired (it didn’t help that this category was the last to take place and was long after he should have been taking a nap!!) and feeling no pressure (obviously!!) with rest of the club/students and his son watching, he won achieving a first-place trophy. Well done.