Grading – September 2021

Judging Panel: John Hurley (5th Dan), Alex Buxton (3rd Dan)


We were delighted to be able to conduct our first class grading after the lockdown restrictions had been eased. This was a challenging grading as we expand our syllabus to include more elements from traditional Wado Kai.

The hopefuls rose to the challenge and everybody passed!

Performances of note we from Caelan who has recently graduated from Power Dragons to the main club as he was awarded his yellow belt to continue his karate journey.

Georgi put in a great performance to be awarded his brown belt.




Full Results are below

Name Belt Grade
Adam Red 8th Kyu
Long Chu Red 8th Kyu
Anthony Red 8th Kyu
Isobel Red 8th Kyu
Chloe Red 8th Kyu
Caelan Yellow 7th Kyu
Emma Yellow 7th Kyu
Xander Yellow 7th Kyu
Jaden Yellow 7th Kyu
Julia Yellow 7th Kyu
Lauren Yellow 7th Kyu
Alexandria Green 5th Kyu
Georgi Brown I 3rd Kyu