Karate-do Federation Open Competition

This was my second competition with Luton Higashi and despite the slight overcrowding of the hall, it turned out to be a good day. Alexandria and I unfortunately did not attain any medals this time. Alexandria’s opponent was at least a head taller than her, but she didn’t let that scare her. She may not have won, but she fought valiantly and showed admirable humility in defeat.

Edvin’s opponents kept the pressure on throughout his fights, but he was able to hold his ground and push back, achieving a bronze medal. Eugene fought a hard first match, leaving him a bit more out of breath than usual. Despite this, he won the round 7 points to 1 and went on to win the bronze medal of his category too. Overall, everybody enjoyed the day and I would highly recommend that those who have yet to compete should at least try at some point. Even if you don’t win, I can guarantee you will learn something that will help you improve.


Ashley Plumb