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  1. Hi thereThere’s lots of factors that can efceft how long it takes to get a black belt. 1. Your ability and how long you train. 2. Your club and organisation that it belongs. These days its hard to attract adults to train and most clubs only seem to be interested in teaching children. This really isn’t what martial arts is all about and the results can be quite damaging!3. Train at an established dojo. There are some very well run private dojos around but beware! Some are run at the expense of the student! It took me 10 years to get my 1st Dan in wado due to a money making owner! 4. The syllabus. Karate has a lot of forms and you will need to know all the pinan Kata’s plus the advanced ones for the higher kyu grades. You will also need knowledge of ippons, kihons, oyhos and tanto dori plus the basic kihon waza.To be a solid Karate black belt with good ability to instruct afterwards i would say at least 7 years training twice a week.There are easier ways but you would only be cheating yourself and good instructors and students will always be able to tell how just how good you really are!Regardsidai

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