BKF 4 Nations Karate Championships

When I was told that I was competing in the Emirates stadium in Glasgow, I did not fully comprehend the scale on which I would be fighting. I the sudden realisation hit me when I entered the arena. The sheer size of the hall shook a little at first but my anxiety left almost as soon as it came when I realised that I had other things that needed to take priority in my head. I enjoyed the atmosphere. I sat quite high up in the audience because we got there in the morning, and my event wasn’t until mid-afternoon. Also, wanted to be able to view what was going on the mats below. As my time to fight neared I put my Gi on then warmed up. As my category was called, I felt the nerves that always come before the fight. Despite them, I was comfortable and felt ready. I only came 3rd In my category, but I still enjoyed my time there, and hope to do better when I compete next time.

– Omari Asein

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