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Judging Panel: John Hurley (5th Dan), Alex Buxton (3rd Dan), Jeff Archer (1st Dan)


Luton Wado Ryu Karate GradingThis was a lower belt grading and all the candidates passed with good passes. They showed a lot of energy and we look forward to seeing them develop their skills.


Congratulations again to everyone who graded!


Luton Karate Grading










Belt Grade Pass
Alexandria Smith


Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Allegra Nugent


Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Kayleigh Jeffreys


Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Ibraheem Shah


Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Nathan Jackson


Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Jayden Martindale


Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Sherbano Shah


Yellow 7th Kyu 2nd Class
September 30, 2018 | Grading, Karate, Luton, Wado Ryu | 0

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