Judging Panel: John Hurley (5th Dan), Alex Buxton (3rd Dan), Jeff Archer (1st Dan)


This was another large grading with 13 hopefuls. Unlucky for some, but not for them as they all passed!


The standout performance of the day was from Jasmine who showed great poise and focus and she was duly awarded her 1st class pass.


We have two new brown belts as well. Sam and Stefan endured the tough two-hour grading to receive their promotions.


Congratulations again to everyone who graded!


Name Belt Grade Class
Nathan Nugent Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Ashmithaa Sivaseelan Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Ashihan Sivaseelan Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Abbeyshaa Sivaseelan Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Sarrinah Ahmed Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Josh Wisesharp Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Allegra Nugent Yellow 7th Kyu 2nd Class
Nathan Jackson Yellow 7th Kyu 2nd Class
Alexandria Smith Yellow 7th Kyu 2nd Class
Jayden Martindale Yellow 7th Kyu 2nd Class
Jasmine Wise-Sharp Orange 6th Kyu 1st Class
Samatha Chalkley Brown 3rd Kyu 2nd Class
Stefan Varghese Brown 3rd Kyu 2nd Class