Grading December 2012

Judging Panel: John Hurley (4th Dan), Alex Buxton (3rd Dan), Jeff Archer (1st Dan), Hayley Blagg (1st Dan)


Grading Dec Large 2We had a large end-of-year grading and were delighted to see some great spirit amongst the gradees. Everyone passed and the results are below:


Name Grade Belt Class Pass
Mary Henry 8th Kyu Red 1st
Adam Brown 7th Kyu Yellow 1st
Megan Nixon 7th Kyu Yellow 3rd
Shania Mohit 7th Kyu Yellow 1st
TJ Asein 7th Kyu Yellow 2nd
Megan Calderia 7th Kyu Yellow 3rd
Astier Ransom 7th Kyu Yellow 3rd
Munisa Ali 7th Kyu Yellow 2nd
Ellis Brown 6th Kyu Orange 2nd
Matthew Calderia 6th Kyu Orange 1st
Klaudia Kulakiewice 5th Kyu Green 1st
Arthur Tamsen 4th Kyu Purple 1st
Omari Asein 2nd Kyu Brown 1st

Grading Dec LargePerformances of note go to:


Klaudia Kulakiewice – once again impressed the judges with her dedication and determination to be awarded yet another 2st class pass.


Arthur Tamsen – only having trained with us for a few months and assessing across from a different style, Arthur put in a huge amount of untiring work to be awarded a 1st class pass.


Omari Asein – getting stronger all the time, Omari impressed the judges again with his stamina, strength and the fluidity of his techniques to be awarded his 3rd 1st class pass in a row.


Congratulations to all the gradees on their success!

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