Luton Karate Team

HKK Nationals Competition 2016

Luton Karate Team

The Luton Lunatics had a great time at the HKK Nationals at Brunel University. We had another strong showing with over 20 competitors.


Everyone worked hard in the months leading up to the competition with longer training sessions as well as extra sessions. We would see if it would all pay off!


The day started strong with the juniors winning a number of gold and silver medals in the Kata categories. When they moved onto the Kumite they did just as well.


After lunch, it was the turn of the seniors to keep up the kids’ good work and they did so with a number of trophies in both Kata and Kumite.


Once again, in preparation for the competition, we trained hard in Kumite under Sensei Eugene’s watchful eye. We were rewarded with five gold medals in  senior, junior, team, black belt and non-black belt categories.


When the results were counted, the Luton team came top of leader board. This is a great achievement and is down to the hard work and dedication of the students.


Many thanks to Sensei Peter Spanton for arranging the event. We are looking forward to next year and know we need to work hard to maintain our position!

Congratulations to all the Lunatics who took part!

Kumite (Sparring)


Team Luton A – John Hurley, Eugene Smith, Omari Asein
Male Black Belt Eugene Smith
Over 35 Yrs Eugene Smith
Mens Open Kyu Grade Aaron Holdsworth
Boys 145-160 cm GOY Adam Brown



Team Luton B – Alex Buxton, Jeff Archer, Aaron Holdsworth
Male Black Belt Omari Asein
Over 35 Yrs Dave Gooch
Boys 145-160 cm GOY Bhesmendiran Yogendran
Girls 145-160cm Open Adrianna Hinds



Male Black Belt Dave Gooch
Over 35 Yrs John Hurley
Boys 145-160 cm GOY Immanuel Babaloa

Kata (Forms)


Senior 8th – 5th Kyu Katarzyna Mucha
Boys/Girls 8th Kyu Caitlyn Korkish
Boys/Girls 6-7th Kyu Katie Garner



Senior 4th-1st Kyu Aaron Holdsworth
Black Belt Ildiko Kovacs
Senior 8th – 5th Kyu John Pope
Boys/Girls 8th Kyu Kate Pope
Boys/Girls 6-7th Kyu Olivia Gooch
Boys/Girls 5-4th Kyu Bhesmendiran Yogendran



Senior Team Luton A – Ildiko Kovacs, Aaron Holdsworth, Dave Gooch

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