Luton Higashi Student of the Year

Student of the Year

Luton Higashi Student of the YearAs is tradition in the Luton dojo we like to do a presentation and gift for the most improved, dedicated and motivated students.


Often this is a very difficult task choosing who should get the awards as most of our students give it their all when training. This year however was easier as two students in particular stood out.


The first was John Pope, who started karate just over a year ago and has achieved his orange belt and 2 medals in competition and pushes himself to his limits every lesson. Well done John for getting the Senior Student of the year award.


The second award went to Katie Garner (not pictured as she was unwell and was collected by her dad) again she has improved dramatically this year. What sticks out predominantly is that her blocks and counters have gone up a gear and are impressive to watch, she achieved her green belt and has won a bronze in a recent open competition. Well done Katie for getting the junior student of the year award.

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