Judging Panel: John Hurley (5th Dan), Alex Buxton (3rd Dan), Jeff Archer (1st Dan)


This was a solid grading with good spirit from the grading hopefuls.


We welcome Carl Garner who assessed across from Shotokan to be awarded his Purple Belt in Higashi.


The performance of the day went to Liridona Spahija who once again produced a textbook grading. She impressed the judges so much that she double-graded from Orange Belt straight to Purple Belt. This is after she double-graded in her first grading as well. Two double-gradings have never been awarded to a student before in Luton HKK’s history.


Congratulations to everyone who graded!


Name Grade Belt Class
Georgi Denev 8th Kyu Red 2nd
Catriona Mcfaull 8th Kyu Red 2nd
James Carter 7th Kyu Yellow 2nd
Edvin Kuzmickij 7th Kyu Yellow 2nd
Stefan Vargese 6th Kyu Orange 2nd
Ethan Kiernan 6th Kyu Orange 2nd
Samantha Chalkney 5th Kyu Green 2nd
Liridona Spahija 4th Kyu Purple 3rd
Carl Garner 4th Kyu Purple Assessment – 2nd Class

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