Judging Panel: John Hurley (5th Dan), Alex Buxton (3rd Dan), Jeff Archer (1st Dan)


This was another large grading with a lot of effort and spirit shown by the students.


The standout performances were:


Ethan Kiernan who showed excellent form coupled with outstanding energy and effort. He was showing as much effort in the closing techniques as he did at the beginning. He was duly awarded his 1st class pass for his purple belt.


Stefan Varghese also showed real determination which combined with his clean techniques earned him a 1st class pass for his green belt.


Georgi Denev put in a fantastic performance to be awarded a 1st class pass for his orange belt


Congratulations againto everyone who graded!


Name Grade Belt Class
Shay Rankin Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Micheal Kelly Red 8th Kyu 2nd Class
Thomas Loft Red 8th Kyu 3rd Class
Lola Broderick Yellow 7th Kyu 3rd Class
Oliver Marrill Yellow 7th Kyu 2nd Class
Tahmid Rahman Yellow 7th Kyu 2nd Class
Kallai Telfer Yellow 7th Kyu 2nd Class
Anna Hargreaves Orange 6th Kyu 3rd Class
Georgi Denev Orange 6th Kyu 1st Class
Stefan Varghese Green 5th Kyu 1st Class
Edvin Kuzmickij Green 5th Kyu 2nd Class
Ethan Kiernan Purple 4th Kyu 1st Class
Samatha Chalkley Purple 4th Kyu 2nd Class


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