2013 Grading December


This was a larger grading with seven hopefulls going for their yellow belts up to 1st kyu brown belts. For the higher grades the grading took three hours so the candidates were really put through their paces.   Everyone performed well and passed.



Name Grade Belt Class Pass
Zara Raja 7th Kyu Yellow 2nd
Stacey Lever 7th Kyu Yellow 2nd
Priyam Upaghyaya 7th Kyu Yellow 3rd
Aaron Holdsworth 6th Kyu Orange 1st
Alicja Allen 5th Kyu Green 2nd
Klaudia Kulakiewice 4th Kyu Purple 1st
Omari Asein 1st Kyu Brown 3rd


Performances of note were:


Aaron Holdsworth – who, together with sharp techniques and great blocks and counters, showed more spirit and energy than anyone else grading. He impressed the judges enough to be awarded a 1st class pass.


Klaudia Kulakiewice – who put on a fantastic performance (following her kata gold medal in the recent HKK National Championships) and proved she could keep her energy levels up and her techniques sharp for a full three hours, was also awarded a 1st class pass.


Omari Asein – Going for his 1st Kyu, Omari showed he could improve as the grading went on instead of showing fatigue. He has proved to have fantastic kicks and a huge amount of power. We are expecting great things from him.   Omari now wears “The Belt” which has been worn by many of the club’s Black Belts in the run up to their Black Belt gradings.


Past owners of The Belt include John Hurley, Alex Buxton, Ayushi Sharma, Jeff Archer and Hayley Blagg.


Congratulations to all the gradees on their success!

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