Sensei Peter Spanton

Sensei Peter Spanton Seminar 2013

2013 Spanton Seminar SmallThe Luton Lunatics were honoured to welcome Sensei Peter Spanton to the dojo for his annual seminar. We were also very pleased to have guests from a number of other dojos and also from the Rokakai federation join us for the day.


We started off with the brown and black belt session. The focus was on fine-tuning Higashi Sho with many subtle movements and applications. From there we moved onto Passai with both basic and advanced application. Sensei was always there to provide us with encouragement if we missed a technique as well!


We were then joined by the kyu grades for a very full dojo and some complicated combinations. They started off difficult and just got harder as did the press ups! Sensei Spanton then split us into groups where we worked on grade-specific katas and combinations under his watchful eye.


Sensei Peter SpantonAs the lesson started to come to the end, we did weird and wonderful kata permutations – with press ups – and finished off with some exercises that we’ll be feeling well into next week.


We’d like to thank Sensei Spanton for a fantastic seminar and are looking forward to the next opportunity to train with him.

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