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HKK Nationals 2013

Luton KarateThe Luton Lunatics had a great time at the HKK Nationals at Brunel University. The day started strong with the juniors winning a number of gold and silver medals in the kata categories. When they moved onto the Kumite they did just as well.


After lunch, it was the turn of the seniors to keep up the kids’ good work and they did so in grand style winning many trophies is both kata and Kumite.


Sensei Eugene’s influence on the team was clear as we put in our best kumite performance to date. We were especially pleased to take the gold in the team Kumite for the first time ever.


Luton Karate Black BeltsWhen the results were counted, the Luton team came top of leader board. This is a great achievement as is down to the hard work and dedication of the students who really pushed themselves with extra training in the weeks leading up to the competition.


Many thanks to Sensei Peter Spanton for arranging the event. We are looking forward to next year and know we need to work hard to maintain our position!

Congratulations to all the Lunatics who took part!

Male Team Kumite Luton A (John, Eugene, Alex)
Over 35 Eugene
Male Black Belt Eugene
Over 35 John
Ladies Open Helen
Mens GOY Aaron
Boys 145-160cm GOY Ellis
Girls 150-165cm Open Klaudia
Male Team Kumite Luton C (Jeff, Dave, Piotr, Aaron)
Male Black Belt John
Over 35 Alex
Ladies Open Danni
Mens Brown/Purple Dave
Mens Brown/Purple Piotr
Boys 145-160cm GOY TJ
Boys 145-160cm GOY Matthew
Black Belt Ayushi
8th-5th Kyu Alicja
Boy/Girls 8th Kyu Zara
Boy/Girl 6th-7th Kyu TJ
Boy/Girl 5yh-4th Kyu Klaudia
Over 35 John
8th-5th Kyu Aaron
Boy/Girls 8th Kyu Priyam
Senior Team Kata Luton B (Danni, Omari, Alicja)
Over 35 Alex
8th-5th Kyu Helen
Senior Team Kata Luton A (John, Alex, Jeff)
Junior Team Kata Luton A (Klaudia, Ellis, Matthew)

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