Luton Grading


Judging Panel: John Hurley (5th Dan), Alex Buxton (3rd Dan), Jeff Archer (1st Dan)


Luton Grading

This was a larger grading with 15 hopefuls. The overall standard and energy were very high from start to end and the judges were very impressed.


Performances of note were George Palmer who really shone and showed a lot of power in his grading.


Adriana Hinds kept her energy and form up during the whole two hours. Immanuel Babaloa showed that all his practice had paid off with excellent form. Chloe Prior also showed real determination and skill. The performance of the day went to Olivia Gooch who was as sharp at the end of the grading as she was in the beginning. All these students were awarded well-deserved 1st class passes.


Name Grade Belt Class Pass
John Pope 8th Kyu Red 2nd
Kate Pope 8th Kyu Red 3rd
Mikolay Kaczynski 8th Kyu Red 2nd
Katarzyna Mucha 8th Kyu Red 2nd
George Palmer 8th Kyu Red 1st
Liam Gooch 7th Kyu Yellow 2nd
Nitin Verma 6th Kyu Orange 2nd
Adrianna Hinds 6th Kyu Orange 1st
Andrea Radulescu 6th Kyu Orange 2nd
Olivia Gooch 6th Kyu Orange 1st
Harry Gibson 6th Kyu Orange 2nd
Immanuel Babaloa 6th Kyu Orange 1st
Chloe Prior 6th Kyu Orange 1st
Zara Raja 6th Kyu Orange 2nd
Bhesmendiran Yogendran 5th Kyu Green 2nd

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