Luton Higashi Student of the Year 2015

Student of the Year 2015

Luton Higashi Student of the Year 2015As the end of the year approached, we once again like to recognize the students who have put the most into their karate this year and who have got the most out of it. This year’s winners are:


Junior – Nitin Verma


Nitin has been training with for quite a while and the have seen a vast improvement recently. Keep it up Nitin!


Senior – Dave Gooch


Dave came over to Higashi with a 1st Dan in Shotokan. He has trained very hard to develop his karate into the Higashi style. At the Ogwen Bank course, let by Sensei Peter Spanton, he was assessed across to a 1st Dan in Higashi without the need for a formal grading. This is an extremely rare and possibly a unique occurrence. Suffice to say, the Luton Instructors were very impressed with this achievement!

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