Sifu Rob Simpson 2015

Sifu Rob Simpson Seminar

Sifu Rob Simpson 2015On Sunday 6th December Luton Higashi once again had the pleasure of hosting Sifu Rob Simpson’s annual visit to our Dojo.


Whilst attendance was not at the height that it had been on previous years, it was never the less well received by all grades that participated.


The higher grades we taught the first pole form and learned very quickly that this was not an easy weapon to master and that you could injure yourself as easily as you could injure others.


When the lower grades arrived they were taken through a brief warm up before being taken through some of the locks, holds and pressure points that are just a small part of Master Simpson’s repertoire.


For a lot of the lower grades this was their first session with Master Simpson and they all agreed afterwards that it was a great session and were asking how soon we would be hosting another.


As always, it was a very enjoyable and educational visit from Master Simpson and we are all looking forward to his next one.

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