Judging Panel: John Hurley (4th Dan), Alex Buxton (3rd Dan), Jeff Archer (1st Dan), Hayley Blagg (1st Dan)


Grading Mar 14

There were no novices in this grading and it was suitably tough. The advanced grades were tested on everything they knew over three grueling hours.


We are very pleased to welcome our new higher grade Klaudia, who impressed the judges suitably to be awarded her brown belt.





Name Grade Belt Class Pass
Helen Sodling 6th Kyu Orange 3rd
Stacey Lever 6th Kyu Orange 2nd
Gary Waring 5th Kyu Green 2nd
Aaron Holdsworth 5th Kyu Green 2nd
Alicja Allen 4th Kyu Purple 2nd
Ellis Brown 4th Kyu Purple 2nd
Klaudia Kulakiewice 1st Kyu Brown 2nd

Congratulations to Klaudia and the other successful gradees!

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