Sensei Peter Spanton Seminar 2015

Sensei Peter Spanton Seminar

Sensei Peter Spanton Seminar 2015

On Sunday 15th November, Luton welcomed Chief Instructor and 9th Dan, Peter Spanton to take our training session.

Dan grades and Brown belts had the opportunity to train for an hour, with Sensei Spanton, before the rest of the Luton Karate Kai arrived. It was an action packed hour, starting with a quick run through of basics, Pinan Yondan and then partner work on the Yondan bunkai. Plenty of effort, bruises and critique from Sensei Spanton was the order of the day. All too soon the hour was over and we welcomed virtually the whole club to come and train with Sensei Spanton.

More basics followed before the class was spilt into grade related kata for the higher grades and intense basics for the lower grades. Yellow belt and below had the opportunity to be scrutinised by Sensei Spanton as he took them through multiple blocks and forwards & backwards movements. The higher grades continued with their kata, with relevant critique from Sensei Spanton.

Regrettably, the session drew to a close, not before Sensei muddled a few brain cells with alternative kata and penalty press ups! Many thanks to Sensei Spanton and Sue Spanton for inspiration and application.




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