Sifu Rob Simpson Kung Fu Seminar

Sifu Rob Simpson
Sifu Rob Simpson

On Sunday 7th December we welcomed Sifu Rob Simpson into the dojo for our annual Kung Fu Seminar. After the greetings in Chinese and Japanese for mutual respect, Sifu Simpson then showed the higher grades a Tai Chi routine we would later be using against our fellow students.


First Sifu Simpson showed us the routine as a whole, to give us an example of what the routine looked like, then broke it down into sections, which we ran through as a class. Sifu Simpson then showed us the application of the moves we had just been practising and we were then set loose against each other to practise the application.


At first the movements were a little foreign, but as we practise they became more understandable and Sifu Simpson was on hand to help any students that were struggling, showing them the movements again sometimes using them to demonstrate.


As the class progressed the routine became more understandable and we then moved onto defences against a knife. Sifu Simpson explained the different knife attacks and defences against these attacks, he then showed us ways of blocking attacks from knifes and the defences to disarm the attacker. We were then let loose to practise these techniques using rubber knives, which for some students was fortunate as they would have lost arms otherwise.


The junior grades joined us later on and Master Simpson put them straight to work with some basic blocks and counters before moving on to some more locks and take downs. Which the lower grades enjoyed practicing and even began helping each other with understanding the movements.


A thoroughly enjoyable and educational time was had by all. Our brains most definitely got the biggest workout of the day, learning and adapting to new ways of tackling dangerous situations!


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