Luton Higashi Upgraded

Luton Upgraded

Luton Higashi Upgraded
Luton Upgraded – John Hurley 5th Dan, Danni Noble 2nd Dan, Omari Asein 1st Dan

It was a great day for the Luton Lunatics as three of its members were upgraded at the December Kata Course run by Sensei Peter Spanton (8th Dan).

Following the short kata course, Sensei John Hurley was honored to be awarded his 5th Dan.

Then the hopefuls lined up for their grading.  Luton fielded Danni Noble who, as a 3rd Dan in Shotokan Karate was hoping to assess over to Higashi, and Omari Asein who was hoping for his 1st Dan Black Belt.

Both of them performed outstandingly and were duly awarded their promotions.


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